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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Safean; A New Form of Stefan

Hey guys it's TheRoboteer here. Sorry for my lack of posts recently. I went back to school this week and i've been tied up in homework and such. Anyway, onto what this post is actually about. This week I was trying to devise a type of stefan that would equal the range of a regular stefan whilst being as safe as a stock dart.I did this by using no metallic or hard substances to weight the dart. I also used the head off a stock dart to act as cushioning for the projectile.

This is what I came up with.
As you can see it uses the head of a streamline to cushion the impact of the dart. The main body of the dart is a whistler (that's what that black disc is.) The only weight I used in this was a section of pencil eraser refill. In the back of the dart I also did what i consider to be a superior version of Drac's straw mod where, in the place of the straw I used a piece of vinyl tubing. Overall I think that I accomplished my goals as I shot myself in the arm with this stefan (fired from me Element.) and it stung for less than 5 seconds and did not leave a bruise or welt. It also only fires 5 feet less than a regular glue dome stefan weighted with 2 plastic BB's.

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  1. nice, i did something similar to this where i cut the dart in half, cut the outside of the whistler tip off to leave a black disc and then placed two plastic bbs (confiscated from chavs across road of course!) inside the dart to balance it along w/ dracs staw mod.