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Friday, 29 June 2012


West Sussex Nerf Outing

Finally A War in the UK , Open To People Ages 10 and Up.
Date: August 1st 2012
Time: 12-5pm
Location:  West Sussex, United Kingdom.If you wish to come and have definate plans to contact me at

What too bring:
A) DARTS, we will be renting darts to but we are starting to run quite low. So up and make your own. I recommend at least 50  per person you are bringing with you (more if you are using hoppered springers).

- I dont mind scavenging 

-The only restrictions on darts I am placing is No Slingshots, and darts must have at least a inch of foam. It has always worked fine for us, and I am not changing it now.

B ) BLASTERS, Bring at least two RELIABLE primaries, springer pistol, and a Awful (shoots 15ft or less). Stuff breaks, so bring extras. I will be bringing my  toolkit (and some supplies), however that DOES NOT mean I want to sit out rounds fixing something, you are free to do so if you wish. Bring a Awful if you plan on participating in the after-lunch Hilariously fun gametype (probably 2-3 rounds of this).

-DO NOT bring anything Crazy overpowered (I am specifically looking at homemade airguns) or a singled Ultimator, We will still allow the normal singled BBBBs and the like (Please use slugs with these). If your primary is deemed to be too much, I WILL ask you to put it down. If it shoots more than 140ft flat , dont even bother bringing it

-Realistic blasters are dumb.

-Melee is acceptable

-Blaster hits DO NOT count, this however does not mean you can strap a large shield to your blaster. Be smart, or I will ban it.

Other things to bring:
-LUNCH,  just bring one with you. Trust me, a turkey sandwich tastes just fine after you have been Nerfing for a few hours.
-WATER, Bring some, IT WILL BE HOT. I would say bring at the very least close to a gallon. Drink plenty.
-SUNSCREEN, the sun will likely be out, and I have gotten some horrific burns. Just do it. (I am sure we can find a burly man to help you rub it on)
-EYE PROTECTION, We fire some heavyweight darts (not that it matters), YOU WILL BE WEARING THEM WHILE ATTENDING. I couldn't care less if you are 18 or not.
-A fold-able chair, these make resting in between rounds so nice (if you have one/can fit one)
-Something to lay your blasters out on/in, unless you don't mind them laying in the grass
-Money/Blasters for Trading, we like to do a lot of this down here, so bring what ya got.
-Intelligence, Don't be an idiot.
-A good attitude, if you act like a crybaby we will escort you off the premises as a crybaby.
-Bring a loaner blaster if you got one, stuff happens.

3 deathmatches
3 freeze tags
2 Capture the Flag
2 Melee

2 Pistols
2 Defend the Core

There will be 18 rounds with a lunch break at 2:45 til 3:15

ACE ( not KND )



Everyone else, chirp in and let me know.

We need to make this war Great.

Any questions can be asked via Pm to me. Or in this post, I don't care which. 



Hey guys BBV here and this is the second post of Where to buy stuff in the UK. Firstly I have a few things to say. 1. This should have been posted on Thursday, Its friday now ( GMT +00:00 ) 2. I'm getting a BBUMB 3. I'm hosting a war (WSNO) and 4.MMU9 is attending , Also i'll get a post up about WSNO soon.
So here we go
Dart Smithing.
I currently own some 13mm FBR and Fishing Weights , The FBR i got from Amazon here and the fishing weights I got from my local fishing shop.
As Americans would say ,' I use Home Depot FBR with 2 Copper BB's and Hot Glue Domes  , or ' Well I use 3/0 MHA foam  Slugs' or what ever combination, Well United Kingdom , Embrace The Suck , We don't get everything that the USA gets. We get decent foam and okay fishing weights , I use 1.5'' Glue Domes w/ 0.4g weights , as they fit nicely and weight them well, but as some of you might not know , I'm moving back to England and I'm going to have a very , very big variety of shops to browse. I currently do not know of any shops that supply FBR or Weights or Washers or Felt Pads YET.. So when i move back I will have a big look as I want to introduce a Slug/Dome regime in the UK , if I can find Slug Material I hope to Enforce Slug only wars in the UK as Hot glue domes can be made very incorrectly and can be dangerous.
But long story short , If you want to find the right diameter FBR its either 13mm or 1/2''.
So I'll report back after my move. Also today I finished school for the summer , so roll on the Sun Screen and break out your screw drivers as its Mod time
BBV out

2 new videos

Hey guys hunter the Nerf assassin here.
Im going to be showing you 2 videos I made.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

MMU9's custom NERF assassins creed gunblade!!! (my finished secret project)

hey guys, MMU9 here, i know i haven't posted in a while so apologies on my part. but on to the reason of this post, a write up of my secret project!

pretty shmick huh? the materials i used to make them were: two old rollerskate wrist guards, 2 NERF jolts, 2 20cm lengths of 15mm PE-X, 2 20cm lengths of 15mm insulation pipe, 2 keyrings and 2 lengths of string (approx. 9cm long but the optimum string length would depend on your wrist dimensions, gauntlet dimensions etc.)

a close up on the set up of the weapon, i used a two part epoxy (araldite) to glue the jolt and the coupler into place.

the trigger of the jolt is connected to a piece of string which is then connected to a key ring which goes on you middle finger, to fire simply pull up on the string with your finger.

a shot of the trigger set up.

the jolts won't fire stock darts, but instead like to fire my slugs which are just NERF foam with a washer weight and then more foam to reduce the pain upon impact (because believe it or not i do want these beasts to be war legal!)

finally here is my video review of them, it also includes an exciting announcement!

finally I'd like to give a big thanks to blackboarderv (BBV) for showing me the nano jolt tutorial video by nerfpause which you can see below

if you are still reading this post then you are the 1% and have won yourself a tasty sandwhich! not really :P thanks for reading this post and again apologies for being dead for the last month or so. unicorn out.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

game mode (name being thought of)

Hey guys hunter the nerf assasin here.
Today im really bored so i decided to make a nerf game mode,
This game mode has 6 classes

1:assasin (weapons:nerf melee weapon,nerf pistol,nerf (anyslamfire blaster)
2:heavy (weapons: fully automatic blaster,semi automatic blaster)
3:spartan (weapons:nerf longshot(noscope)nerf pistol)
4:scout(weapons:double barrel shotguns or dual wielding rayvens nerf nite finder)
5:berserker(weapons: large melee weapon and shield)
6:soldier(weapons:any weapon melee weapons)
the rules

all players have 10 hit points

if your hit points turn to 0
your dead and you have to sit out of the game until the next round

there is also a capture the flag game mode
in this mode its all about getting the flag
deaths are not counted
there are 3 flags on each team
all players must grab all three flags and put them in their base
the teams are red and blue
but it changes if you are in a nerf group.
if you die during the game in capture the flag you have to respawn at your spawn point
the time limit for both game modes are 10 minutes

anyway guys more classes are coming out soon seeya
hunter the nerf assasin AWAY!!!!
also one thing

Where to buy stuff in the UK

Hey guys Its BlackBoarderV here , and this is going to start of my weekly segment, every thursday.
Its going to be about where you can buy stuff in the UK, seeing as things are VERY hard to come by.
So todays Items are things that the UK can get but the USA can't , Nerf Longshots , The Longshot is the Original Clip System Blaster and has been released in three colours , Blue, Yellow and the Extremely Rare , Black Friday Deal, Crimson. The Longshot has the largest - direct plunger system in a Nerf blaster so far. , As you should know Direct plungers are much better as they achieve better ranges than Reverse Plunger Blasters. It is also the most favourited gun to mod as there are so many different mods to do to it , such as an Angel or Brass Breach , LSFG , Maverick . Titan  or Barricade Integrations and so many other ones.
So onto why the UK can and USA can't. Well when the Longstrike was released , they discontinued the Longshot which was a Pain in the Neck to all of the US Nerfers, On the other hand , us UK Nerfers can still get them on Amazon ( for a ridiculous price of £77 ) or at Toys R Us for £40 , it was £30 a while back but sadly they increased it. Now you can't just go and buy a £40 Longshot off  you have to reserve it. Now Please Reserve it and make sure that there is one in stock at your nearest TRU because theres nothing more disappointing than going to TRU which could be miles away and not getting a LS. At Toys R Us in the UK we get the yellow Longshot as pictured above. So yes if you are a UK Nerfer , save up , Reserve the LS and go pick it up! BBV out
-EDIT- Ironically enough my local TRU doesnt have any in stock , So that was going to be a pain for MMU9 and I , as we are meeting up and go and buy a Longshot each , but we are going to a different one now.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

nerf alpha trooper NAME HELP

Hey guys hunter the nerf assasin here.
Im going to be getting a nerf alpha trooper
and im going to name its something relating to assasins
so guys if you guys can think of a name that would be just great

the colours are going to be
(red detailing)
Anyway guys nerf assasin signing out

Monday, 18 June 2012

New Cheap Plunger Head

So I was wanting to make a decent plunger head for my Bow and i was watching Uin13's vid on HAMPS and saw this alternative plunger head and I also had a lego wheel on my desk , So I took the rubber part of it off and it had a near to perfect fit in 1 1/4inch PVC.
So then i filled in the Gaps with hot glue and got this

Then I tried wrapping etape around it and thought , This is going nowhere , I have a box of O-Rings on my desk , why not use them.

So I got a new wheel  ,  filled in the holes but with not as much hot glue as before and tested some of the O-rings and found the ones that gave a nice seal.
I then put more hot glue in and pushed the plunger rod straight in and then put that into cold water , to dry the glue quicker , i then put a ring of superglue around it to secure it.
I then greased it up , with the wrong stuff as i don't have Silicon or Lithum Grease and your done.
I think with the correct grease it will get a better seal and be smoother in your blaster
but heres the final product

Anyway BBV out. Hope you liked it and it works for you

Sunday, 17 June 2012

My 4B: A full review

Lo all, it's TheRoboteer. Now, as you may know. My 4B has been seen and mentioned in MANY videos. But I've never done a full review of it. This review will not be posted up on YouTube so it's exclusive to NerfUniversal. Anyway, let's get onto it.

 A full shot of the blaster and the barrel
 The front. The cut is reasonably clean but you can see that I messed up in some places
 Internals. They are largely untouched apart from the coupler and the plugged pump.I used the lego wheel style coupler for this one as the air pressure was so high that it blew the barrel out of the brass coupler!
Exploded view 
You can also see here that I have padded the pump handle so I can use it as a stock.
I hope you've enjoyed this post. Sorry for not posting more often. This is TheRoboteer, signing off

Saturday, 16 June 2012


hey guys kaethan here sorry that i havent been posting alot on the blog but i was focusing on making videos.
here is one of videos
anyway im going to be working on some nerf projects because all my blasters are broken so im going to start buying more nerf blasters


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Retaliator Range Test and Other Elite News

Well it looks like a fella got his hands on the Rampage and the Retaliator early. He also got a bunch of elite darts and the new clip that's going to be sold separate.

So good news is it looks like Nerf will be selling 18 round clips by them selves which is awesome!!! This will be a great way to stock up. the price is yet to be determined and could not even be worth it. Only time will tell but my hope is that they will be in the $10 range or so, but it will more likely be either $15 or (heaven forbid) $20. I will be looking forward to see what price they will be and you can bet that the amount of clips I buy will be dependent on the price they ask for it.

But moving on to the range test...\

Unfortunately the video isn't that clear, but he says that they get 54 feet and 57-58 feet with elite darts. Now I notice a couple of things. The Normal nerf dart that was fired didn't go very far. So it looks like using the elite darts with these new blasters may be a must. This might be by design, as nerf wants you to buy more product. Also these ranges were fired with the barrel on, so the 75 feet may be not as made up as previously thought. I think that with the barrel off and a slight angel you could get 75 feet. It looks promising so far. We can only hope for the best.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Radioactive Maverick Commission

Hey guys it Than. I finally completed  my Radioactive Maverick mod and I am VERY pleased with it and I now my commissioner will like it as well. These are the mods I did to it:

- AR and post removal
- 5 Penny Mod
- Full Barrel Drop
- Semi-gloss black paint job with green enamel paint details
- 4 Green LED's
- Swapped black maverick with sonic series Maverick.

This mod was pretty easy to do but required a lot of time and hard work. I first had to sand down the standard maverick which took a while, and then paint it. After I painted it it was as simple as switching out the parts and making 2 blasters. Which produced something like this:

After that I did some detailing with some green enamel paint to ease the green in with the rest of the blaster.

Next was the LED's

The LED job was pretty standard. 4 LED's that ran on about 20mA each all run off a 9V battery. They have a 30 degree viewing angle which makes it nice to light up a blaster. I placed them in differently that I used to. I usually tried to dremel out a half circle on either sides of the shell, but that never turned out the way I wanted, and there was usually gaps which I had to go over with hot glue making the job look less than professional. This time I decided to put all the holes on one side of the shell. Sure it's a little brighter on one side of the blaster than the other, but it's not by much and the holes are much cleaner. I put in hot glue on the inside of the blaster but you can't even see it. It looks much better and you can barely tell there are LED's in the blaster at first glance.

Overall I am very pleased with my work and now that I know i can produce them I think i'm going to be making many of these. At least til I run out of green LED's. I can make them for $30 per blaster. Shipping will be extra and if you want a pair I may be able to make a discount for that. Comment if you have any questions or are interested in have me make you one of these.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Pump Action Vulcan

Hey Guys BBV here and this is my pump action vulcan.

This is only the MkII version of the mechanism , as you can see it is a bit squint in some places, In the future i plan to make it out of polycarbonate or metal. I also plan to fashion some kind of running rails.
I think i am the first person to do this but if someone else has then PM me.

The reason i did this is so that you can have a fast shooting quieter vulcan and ultimately lighter seeing as you don't exaclty need the battery

BBV out