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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nerf Rampage

Ok I know this is old news but I'm bored so i decided to torture you with pure text.
But first to make this more dramatic
Watch This Clip
Ok the Rampage as we all know is a Raider on steroids.
I have seen some comments saying ' Y U NO HAVE 35 DRUM '.

 Ok I think the reason is because when your in a Nerf war the 35 dart drum is heavy, bulky and slows you down also it is lopsided but the 20 dart drum is lighter, well balanced and you can run with out becoming tired. The colour is a darker blue than the Nerf Raider and also has silver and black detailing on the shell. The internals might not have any AR's and it might have a strong spring but if there is an AR when you modify the blaster the back of the plunger wont smack
  (If you modify a nerf recon without padding it then you will know what i mean.)
Ok so I'm wrapping up this post so good night everybody.

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