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Sunday, 11 November 2012

What has BBV been up to then?

Hey Guys, here's a little update about my Nerfing.

The Acebow has been at a standstill for one reason. The spring. Although I bought one of an awesome Nerfer, ( NoM) and that should be in the mail soon. I also need a new part for it , and even a new Plunger tube..

My Quadshot. I need the Quadshot and one of those Supa Springs that MiG uses..

UMBstrike . Need Brass, Goop and Vinyl Tubing connectors.

More after the Jump!

I got my package from iModify , I highly suggest you buy things from him! Here is a review of the package I got:

And I shall be aquiring a stock Vortex Tornado soon.
Be Jelly! Here is a photo of the exact one im getting.

And here is what I plan to do to it.
Thanks to Wingmaster for the awesome mock up!
Go check him out through the link!

A list of what I plan to do:

  • +Bow sized Plunger Tube
  • Full K26 at Full Compression
  • Nylon Plunger Rod
  • Rainbow Catch
  • Priming handle re-enforcement
  • ' Split ' Plunger Head.
  • Lightning Blitz Integration.
  • Boss Paint job

Oh. and I decide to work on my Barricade


Thanks for reading

Aaaaand were back!

Hey guys BBV here , just letting you know that NerfUniversal is coming out if its hiatus. Expect more posts soon!